2005_11_ltraindiv.jpgIf it's Friday, it means weekend subway service diversions (prepare to sit this weekend out, Williamsburg). The Daily News reports that 18 of the 19 lines that have weekend service have work being done on them (only the M is immune to the woes) and the MTA says the track work is being done before the rush of holiday-time visitors. The MTA's Paul Fleuranges said, "We understand the resulting diversions make traveling difficult, but the alternative - a crumbling infrastructure - is one we don't entertain or envision allowing to happen." No, we don't like crumbling anything in the subways. This reminds of the recent NY Times article that empathized with riders' weekend services problems, making rides much longer. So, Gothamist asks two things: 1) Let us know about how your weekend service was - try to give us estimates of how much longer your trip took (or if your trip had to be scrapped); 2) Math fiends - help us devise a formula to estimate waiting time - parabolic functions are welcome.

You can find out about the MTA's weekend service disruptions here. The MTA also offers emails about weekend service (part of their pilot program), as do the Straphangers (the Straphangers email comes more often and seems more user-friendly).