Gothamist hopes that you'll take time to go and cast votes for Mayor, Public Advocate, other politicians, and various ballot measures. If you have time to read up on candidates and measures before you head out, read these to make informed decisions: The Campaign Finance Board's 2005 Voter Guide and Gotham Gazette's Guide for the Last Minute Voter.

We were at the election center at 7AM, and a young child kept asking his father when they would vote, as he'd been on line for all of two seconds. Gothamist wanted to tell the kid that our God-given right to vote and impact the democracy was paved with waiting, problems, and pain, but it was worth, damn it all. However, we remember the concept of "personal space" and minded our own business. Until a lady came out of the voting booth, squawking, "What are the propositions?" and paced around the center looking for information before going back in emptyhanded. Brilliant - informed voters all around.