WABC 7 ran a story about a 29-year-old woman who was followed home from the Vernon Boulevard subway station in Long Island City and then attacked in the lobby of her Greenpoint apartment building. The woman, who works in Manhattan as a bartender, was coming home around 3AM and decided to take the subway instead splurging on a cab.

She said she was followed from the subway station, over the Pulaski Bridge, and then into her neighborhood.

"I ran here as fast as I could and I had my key. I was fumbling, I tried to go like this but he pushed the door and then pushed me in here," the woman said.

What happened next was such a violation, it is hard for her to describe.

"I was screaming and he put his hand over my mouth and said, shh, I just want to touch you, and then he put his hand between my legs," the woman said.

The attacker ran off after the victim pulled on his dreadlocks with all her might. The victim, on her way home from work, is telling her story in the hopes that other women will think twice before walking alone at night.

"I'm just emphasizing that everyone should be taking cabs home late at night, you never know what might happen, even if you've done the walk a thousand times," the woman said.

If you watch the video, watching the woman demonstrate how she was followed to her door and how the attacker tried to force his way in is chilling. And while it's seems obvious with hindsight to take a cab instead of walking home to play it safe, you can understand how someone like a bartender or a waitress might decide to save money by taking a subway instead of blowing a slow night of tip money on a $20 cab ride.

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