2004_04_wherb.jpgWouldn't it be nice to have a kitchen herb garden, so the next time you had a craving for a Mojito, or an insalata Caprese, you wouldn't have to trek over to the grocery store for a tiny bunch of overpriced herbs? Gothamist certainly thinks so. April is a good month for starting seeds, and, after a few anxious moments during these gray days, Gothamist's seeds are finally in effect! (Squint your eyes. They're at Armando the cow's ten o'clock.)

A few thoughts: Gothamist bought eight seed packets (most perennials, like Mint; and a couple of annuals, like Dill and Cilantro), a plastic seed-starting tray with a lid, and some seed-starting potting soil. In lieu of calling a car service and taking the $8 ride to the Brooklyn Home Depot, Gothamist walked down Court to Mazzone True Value, and was really impressed with their selection and prices--not to mention the extreme tidiness of the place.

Hardware stores like Mazzone are probably your best bet when it comes to finding seeds and gardening supplies in the five boroughs. If you want to splurge, try Chelsea Garden Center. (Their website says the giant home center will move this month to 10th Avenue. Has anyone been?) There's a decent amount of indoor plant information at PlantCare, but, if you can handle the pun, You Grow Girl is an incredible gardening resource and community. You can always hook up with fellow plant lovers at Meetup--search for "Plants" or "Botany," and join a seed exchange. Once you hone your mad gardening skillz, join one of the city's numerous Community Gardens.

For those with two left thumbs, soak in the smells of Spring at The New York Botanical Garden or the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Bonus points to anyone who can successfully explain why one is called Botanic, the other Botanical. Ironical, yes?