A Bronx ladies man/con man has been accused of being the ringleader of a $1 million identity theft ring. Richard Dames, better known as "Geovanni Kasanova," and two others were charged with stealing the identities of 80 victims over the past three years. And it seems that Kasanova was truly a Dirty Rotten Scoundrel, seducing at least two bank tellers into giving him access: "He set her up. She's an overweight, shy girl who doesn't date a lot - to her he's a Casanova," said attorney Anthony Evans about his client Malika Williams, who was convinced she was in a real relationship with Kasanova.

Evans said that Kasanova picked up the 25-year-old Williams at a bar, started a relationship with her, and she fell in love with him. Now, Williams is being charged as a co-conspirator in the scheme, though her lawyer says she's a victim as well. When asked about Williams in court, Kasanova said humbly, "I know several Malikas." Another bank teller, 30-year-old Kia Wylie, also pleaded not guilty to selling the stolen identities of nine account-holders to Kasanova; authorities found a love letter she wrote him in her desk drawer.

In addition to the two lovelorn tellers, at least two other bank employees were also allegedly recruited to comb bank computers for dates of birth, social security numbers and other personal data of potential victims. Kasanova and his two associates, Jamaluddin Almahdi and Wayne Mitchell, are charged with using the stolen data to open credit card and eTrade accounts and make cash withdrawals. They each face up to 25 years in prison, and we assume, some sort of Sigourney Weaver-led comeuppance.