2008_10_gwbs.jpgNot everyone is thrilled about the $152 million renovation of the George Washington Bus Station approved by the Port Authority. In order to make room for more buses and additional retail space, the deal that was approved Thursday will force out the station's current tenants. Those include a credit union, dentist's office and an OTB. The Times describes the scene as "the kind of place people forget is a bus station." But that will all change as the Port Authority wipes the slate clean and massively revamps what has become mostly a local hangout. The current business owners feel that they are getting slighted after years of trying to to make the best of a ramshackle building not fully air conditioned with missing ceiling tiles and a large homeless population that makes use of the space. One owner gripes, “They never did the right thing for the building. They’ve really taken care of this building as a stepchild.”