Commuters who thought they could escape the myriad train disruptions plaguing our lives for the foreseeable future by hopping behind the wheel are dead wrong. According to the Daily News, Port Authority is going to begin replacing the steel decks on the upper level of the George Washington Bridge starting on Monday, unleashing a whole new world of shit upon motorists who thought they would get to see their families or do anything besides sit in a lifetime of traffic ever again.

“The goal is to keep the delays to no more than 60 minutes,” a Port Authority spokesperson told the tabloid, which is the commuting equivalent of having your dentist acknowledge that yes, this is going to hurt or your pilot admit that yes, the landing gear probably won't be working this time around.

So it's with some reticence that we tell you that, as part of this $82 million overhaul, the bridge will be shutting down three lanes of traffic in the same direction...until the end of the year. Work will begin at 11 p.m. starting on Monday, but starting on Labor Day, will dip down to 9 p.m.

This guy is starting to look better and better, isn't he.