Now that the sleepy George Washington Bridge guards have been fired, WCBS 2 says that it may only be the "tip of the iceberg," as Port Authority sources say "there are many incidents involving these guards. One guard reportedly lost his job for playing canned laughter over the police radio frequency so the cops couldn't talk to one another. In another instance a guard was reportedly asleep when a man walked by and jumped to his death of the bridge." The PA say the guards really just check security clearance of bridge workers, but "Port Authority police sources said they are also tasked with alerting them to suspicious activity on the bridge." Which is why Joe Lepore, the bicyclist who blew the whistle on the sleepy guards, said, "Maybe you just nod off at that one moment when somebody decides to sneak by some liquid nitrogen or some explosives and start to do damage. And I explained it to one of the guards on the other side. I said look if this bridge blows up, we're all going, including you... I didn't do this with a vendetta or any personal issue with anybody. It's safety for all of us."