Dimwitted former cheerleader and frat-boy boozer George W. Bush has agreed to face loquacious skirt-chaser and crafty triangulater Bill Clinton in a debate. With words! In our dreams, it goes something like this:

Of course, Clinton's too much of a centrist company man to bring the hammer down, and the fun will probably come, as usual, from watching Bush mis-articulate his deluded perspective on his "legacy." Still, to be safe, Clinton ought to pat Bush down thoroughly before the debate to make sure he's not cheating again.

The debate is set for February 25th, 2010 at Radio City Music Hall, as part of the third annual "Minds That Move The World" series. Tickets go on sale November 16th (tomorrow for AmEx cardholders) through Ticketmaster at $60 for the cheap seats and $1,250 if you want to join both presidents at a pre-debate reception for cocktails and picture-taking and awkwardness.