Last year, ground was broken on the George W. Bush Presidential Library, located at the campus of Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas. Now, it's revealed that a piece of steel from the World Trade Center will be featured prominently.

According to the Daily News, "The 16.7-foot, 1.85-ton piece of mangled steel isn’t just any relic from America’s hallowed ground — experts say it’s 'impact steel,' struck directly by one of the hijacked jets that slammed into the Twin Towers on 9/11. Engineers who have studied the steel — known as a C-11 panel — say it’s the remnant of a triple-beam and crossbeam section from three upper floors." A library official said, "Analysis shows that it appears this piece of steel was affected by fire before a structural collapse, and that the torques and twists of the steel appear to have been caused by impact versus collapse."

The Port Authority, which has been housing various relics from the 9/11 attacks at a JFK Airport hangar, was happy to give the steel to the library. Another 9/11 memento at the library will be the bullhorn he used to speak to workers at Ground Zero after the attacks.

And a Texas state website says, "The George W. Bush library will feature a Decision Theatre, which will challenge visitors to put themselves in presidential shoes and consider various options to the issues the president confronted. When guests want a break from the rigors of executive branch decision-making, they can stop at a Texas Rose Garden, a facsimile of the original at the White House." What about the Western White House?