(via NYShitty and Myspace)

The owner of MySpace NYC, the gentrification-happy Brooklyn-based broker responsible for that tattooed, wine-sipping woman in a bathtub billboard ("what happens in your apartment... stays in your apartment") has been slapped with a lawsuit for allegedly sexually harassing, and then firing, one of his female employees.

Dena Kology, who began working for MySpace in the spring of 2009, was promoted to a management position within a year of her hiring. Her promoter, and alleged admirer/abuser, was Guy Hochman, the firm's current owner.

From the beginning, the lawsuit alleges, Hochman urged Kology to "use her looks and physical appearance" with landlords, to get them to list with MySpace. Over the course of the next four years, until Hochman fired Kology in 2014, Hochman piled on the physical and verbal advances.

"I think about you every morning at the gym, you inspire me to keep going," was allegedly one of Hochman's one-liners, as early as July 2013. According to the lawsuit, Hochman also said suave things like, "I hope I'm not just another 'creepy' guy to you.'" And "That new dress is driving me crazy. I know it's new because I know every dress in your wardrobe."

Last year, one of Kology's coworkers, Michelle, allegedly told Kology that Hochman was using the gym line on her, too. Michelle also implied to Kology that she and Hochman were sleeping together. "I'm seeing the OB/GYN," Michelle told Kology. And his diagnosis: Too much sex."

Hochman was allegedly increasingly hostile towards Kology—"brushing off what she said in meetings, avoiding her feedback"— and, according to the lawsuit, fired her over coffee on August 15th last year. Kology is suing Hochman on a number of charges, including Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which states that employees cannot be discriminated against on the basis of their gender.

Hochman's lawyer told the Post, "We deny all of the allegations, and we will vigorously defend against the claims in court, including filing a motion to dismiss once we’re served with a copy of the complaint.”