Drivers who take the George Washington Bridge, you'll soon have a little green gecko in your sights every day! The Port Authority has agreed to allow Geico advertise on the George Washington Bridge for $3.2 million over two years. While that doesn't mean affixing geckos to the bridge itself, it does mean Geico billboards on the toll plaza, Geico signs on tollbooths, and having Geico's name appear on various Port Authority collateral and the PA website. And the NY Times adds "...costumed gecko mascots will appear at Port Authority bus stations."

Back in April 2005, there were some questions about whether the Port Authority would allow corporations to rename their properties for serious change. PA Commissioner Bruce Blakeman said:

We would consider selling the naming rights for a bus terminal and if somebody offered us $1 billion, we would have to consider that. But we don't want to do something that is not in a classy manner. We will not take money to produce junk.

Nothing says classy like costumed geckos! But we guess it doesn't matter, since it's not a permanent deal (can you imagine anyone standing for having a "Geico Washington Bridge?"). The Port Authority thought Geico was a good fit, since it does insure cars, but the Municipal Art Society is pretty upset, telling the NY Times, "It’s a city icon that should not be tampered with in this way It’s not really worth the amount of money they’ll get out of it to block the view of the span.”

Here's information about the George Washington Bridge: It's 4,760 feet long, and the Port Authority has invested over a billion dollars into it as of december 2005 (the upper level was first opened to traffic in 1931). The Port Authority wants to increase revenue from advertising by three times to $100 million. Last December, they introduced "power poles" at JFK Airport - poles with electrical outlets...brought to you by Samsung. We have a feeling it'll make a mint selling ad space at the new WTC transit hub. Hey, can Samsung sponsor lighting up the GWB at night all the time, because it looks so pretty?