At a press conference today, Frank Gehry revealed new designs for Bruce Ratner's Atlantic Yards development in downtown Brooklyn, and The Real Estate has lots of images and quotes from the event. Such as how Gehry named the tallest building the "Miss Brooklyn" after a bride he saw while walking in Brooklyn, saying "She's a bride with her flowing bridal veil--I really overdid it. If you had seen the bride you would--I fell in love with her." And much will be made about Gehry's general comments about Brooklyn: "We're trying to understand what is Brooklyn, what is the body language of Brooklyn and trying to emulate it without copying it. Copying it would trivialize it." Wait a minute - doesn't a massive development literally trivialize other parts of Brooklyn?

Develop-Don't Destroy Brooklyn says the new designs are just windowdressing - it's still too big! Gehry's diss to the protesters: "They should've been picketing Henry Ford. "There is progress everywhere. There is a constant change. The issue is how to manage it." DDDB's response: Gehry and Ratner never met with the community. This could go on forever! Or until the last piece of glass or brushed metal is put in place.