In a stunning display of showing Canadian geese who is boss, the Port Authority is going to "round up" 495 geese at Rikers Island and "feed them to needy families." Yes, it'll be like Olde English Christmas time, when goose was served for dinner (though Gothamist thinks English Christmas geese are the nice, white ones). While animal activists are aghast, the Port Authority says that the geese are a menace to planes at LaGuardia. They are a menace to drivers - last week, seven geese snarled rush hour traffic as they wandered around the Cross Island Parkway. Animal rescuers spent four hours looking for the geese, but they got away.

There is a Coalition to Prevent the Destruction of Canadian Geese, Gothamist wants to know would you choose to stay - pigeons or geese? It's a hard call; really, geese do not disturb most city life, but in the parks, forget about it - geese poop is really really gross. But at least they don't poop from the air (we don't think).