Calling all scientists, volunteers, and Central Park fans: The Explorers Club is holding "BioBlitz" June 27-28 where teams of scientists and naturalists will comb the park for new species of flora and fauna. One reason why: "The BioBlitz will help to compile an inventory of all things wild (and not so wild) in Central Park. The discoveries and analyses of your fellow scientists will serve to increase public awareness and appreciation of biodiversity and its ability to thrive within an urban environment." If only Gothamist didn't have jobs or wasn't scared of Central Park in the middle of the night (it's a 24 hour project - noon Friday to noon Saturday)...

Microsoft is the techonology provider - scientists and naturalists will be using the Tablet PC to enter data.

[Via tigerbunny who is thinking about checking this out with her dad this weekend. It seems be the weekend of parental visits - Jen's mom is coming to town for a scant day. Seeing The Whale Rider is on the agenda.]