Gay Pride Parade 2004; Photo: AP

Yesterday's Gay Pride Parade

couldn't have asked for a better day: The sun was shining, everyone looked beautiful, politicians went out to show they support gays but are mum about gays marrying...good times, good times. Mayor Bloomberg said, "Each of us are different in our own ways, and we should all be proud of who we are, and I don't think anybody should try to be something they're not." But he stopped short of agreeing to say as much at the Convention, demurring, "The delegates to the convention would be the ones who express themselves. My job is to be a host." A host who uninvites guests, though! (Yes, it's true that Gothamist is obsessed with Bloomberg's uninvitation, but it's really quite brilliant, and we hope to learn something, because there's always at least one or two people we wish we could uninvite...sadly, they are related to us, so we can never follow through or else risk excommunication). At any rate, Bloomberg is open to different opinions: Newsday reports that he "stopped to pose for a snapshot with a bearded cross-dresser sporting a rainbow wig, party dress and 'Kerry for President' sticker pasted on his padded bosom."

If anyone has photos from the Gay Pride parade, let Gothamist know in comments! And if it's Gay Pride Parade in 2004, it's means one of the Queer Eyes is present: Here are Wireimage photos of Carson Kresley at the parade, wearing what looks like ugly shorts.