With Governor Paterson's introduction of a gay marriage bill for NY State, all eyes are on the State Senate. At least 32 Senate votes are needed for the bill to become a reality (the Assembly passed a gay marriage bill in 2007). Gay rights groups believe they have 24 votes, so, the NY Times reports, "Groups like the Empire State Pride Agenda, the Log Cabin Republicans and the Human Rights Campaign have undertaken a highly methodical and personal campaign focusing on those senators from the North Country to Long Island who they believe may be open to backing the bill." Some Republican senators may be swing votes but overall, the lawmakers' religious faiths are a big barrier. Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson (D-Westchester, Bronx) whose family is very involved with the church said, "I always try to believe that I’m an open-minded person... This is an issue that challenges the fundamental beliefs that people have. And it’s not easy." But Sen. John L. Sampson (D-Brooklyn) told the Times he is now undecided, "I do see it differently. I can’t impose my own religious beliefs in a situation like this."