Lawmakers in Albany are supposed to wrap up business today (though Governor Cuomo might keep them a few extra days) and one of the biggest issues on the State Senate's agenda remains the Marriage Equality bill, which is just one vote shy of coming to the Empire State having already passed in the Assembly. And it looks like concerns about "religious liberty" may have been ironed out over the weekend. Still, it may not come to a vote until other matters have been resolved.

Meanwhile, yesterday saw droves of same-sex marriage supporters in Union Square where, signs like "God made us queer" and "Marriage Equality Now!" were all around. Senator Tom Duane, who Lady Gaga called up last week to talk gay marriage, was there urging protestors to call their State Senators.

The Senate should be convening right now to consider several remaining bills (rent regulations aren't going to write themselves, y'know) and the topic of marriage equality is expected to be brought up.

Oh, and in case you were curious? The marriage equality debate is now personal for the Post's Andrea Peyser. Having seen her niece get hitched to a woman, she's all for it. Which is the way it works for many people. Once you see someone you love marrying a person they love, it is hard to feel it is a bad thing. That brining marriage equality to New York would be good for the economy is just icing on the cake.