2006_06_gaypride.jpgSupporters of gay marriage walked across the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday, in order to show opposition to President Bush's proposed Constitutional amendment that would define marriage. Only a few hundred people joined the march due to the bad weather, but that didn't stop a very sweet presentation. Newsday reports that Gus Archilla, 90, and Elmer Lokkins, 86, who have been together for 61 years received a check from jewelry company Love and Pride. Archilla and Lokkins were married three years ago in Canada. We also thought this quote from an 11 year old with gay godparents was great: "The people who are trying to stop lesbians and gay men from having legal rights in marriage are bullies just like the ones in my school. They are filled with fear, ignorance and hatred. I know we can stop these bullies."

The march was organized by Marriage Equality New York. And the bill is not expected to pass.