2007_09_nypdtshirt.jpgA police officer has filed a lawsuit against the police department, accusing the NYPD of discrimination and harassment because he is openly gay. Five-year veteran Michael Harrington said that his career had stalled after coming out to a coworker in 2003. He listed a number of grievances in his court papers:

  • He was repeatedly called "faggot" at the 75th Precinct in Brooklyn and received a note that said "Die, you c---"
  • During a domestic disturbance call, a co-workers "turned his back on a female beating victim to call him 'a f---ing faggot.'" (Post)
  • When he brought his domestic partner to a precinct Christmas party, another officer spat out his drink and laughed; Harrington and his partner were also snubbed.
  • An fellow officer yelled, "Don’t do anything to him in the bathroom. We know he’s your type," when Harrington escorted a suspect to the bathroom to wash pepper spray off his face (Daily News)
  • He was denied the opportunity to work day shifts so he and his partner could adopt a baby (other heterosexual officers were allowed transfers)
  • A Patrolemn's Benevolent Association union rep tore up a death threat Harrington received
  • Another cop told him to carry a shoplifting suspect's purse "because it suited him"
  • He was told he was being transferred to a West Village precinct to "be with his people"
  • A fellow police officer told him, "All faggots should be shot."

Harrington says that he was transferred five times and, in each precinct, faced the same amount of hostility. He was given rookie-level tasks like foot patrol and escorting suspects to Central Booking. He is seeking unspecified damages.

The NYPD said they hadn't seen the lawsuit yet but they take "all allegations of discrimination seriously and in no way condones retaliation."