An unidentified NYPD detective is suing the department, claiming that during his four years on the force, he's been subject to offensive insults from fellow officers, and was slapped with bogus disciplinary charges when he complained. The detective says the harassment was so incessant at the 103rd Precinct in Queens that he asked to be transferred to the Internal Affairs Bureau. But would you believe the cops there were just as crass and homophobic, and he says that when he complained there, he was targeted. "[Internal Affairs] is supposed to be the last bastion of upholding the law," his lawyer tells the Daily News. "This just makes you lose faith in the system." So unless you want your abiding faith in the NYPD totally shattered, read no further!

The detective, who filed the lawsuit as John Doe, says cops called him a "faggot" and a "meat gazer." And when he got his transfer to IAB, a sergeant taunted him by placing two apples near his crotch and by pretending to pleasure a banana. After he aired his grievances, he was called a "rat" and "PO snitch," and got transferred to a "very undesirable" parking permits job, where he found himself on the receiving end of an "overly burdensome work load." Later, he was formally charged with illegally duplicating his patrolman's shield, but he says his father, an ex-cop, was just using it to make a plaque to celebrate his promotion.

Speaking of the promotion, the cop insiders at NYPD Rant seem more interested in the plaintiff's meteoric rise to detective. "Wow 4 years and a gold shield... I wonder who he blew," writes one. The detective tells the News, "I opened my mouth and reported corruption and misconduct, and this is what happens. To not see anything done is absolutely disgusting." And he also alleges that last year the NYPD revealed the names of cops attending a gay officers' conference in a message sent to every precinct.