James McGreevey, NJ's infamous former governor who famously declared himself a "gay American" and resigned, embarked on an enlightened, post-political life by studying at the General Theological Seminary, where he got a Masters in Divinity. But his studies may have been for naught because his attempt to join the Episcopal Church priesthood had been denied, according to the NY Post. An Episcopal Diocese of Newark source says, "It was not being gay but for being a jackass -- [McGreevey] didn't come out of the whole divorce looking good."

Hmm, what could be so jackassy about admitting threesomes and an interminably bitter divorce with ex Dina Matos? Another church source says, "He was sort of looking for every angle to make a complete redo of his professional life. He ran to the church for some kind of cover, which isn't fully appropriate. Even if he's a good guy, he should wait five to 10 years to get over his issues." In other words, for all you other governors with secrets, stop looking at the church for sanctuary!

McGreevey still lives with his real estate executive boyfriend, Mark O'Donnell, in a NJ mansion; O'Donnell reportedly gives the former governor money to pay his various alimony commitments.