Gawker had to refudiate its position of publishing excerpts from Sarah Palin's upcoming book after a court issued an injunction, forcing the gossip blog to take down the post (here's the "Page not found"). Still, as MediaDecoder points out, there's still Google Cache.

The former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate's publisher, Harper Collins (which is owned by News Corp.), sued Gawker for "further copyright infringement" as well as financial damages and for the source material to be returned. The AP notes, " While Gawker wasn't the first Web site to publish excerpts from the book, which has been billed as a tribute to American values, it refused to take the images down after receiving a letter demanding that it do so, according to the lawsuit."

Anti-Palin blog Palingates also published excerpts of "Ameria by Heart" and removed some after Harper Collins complained (the publisher has not sued Palingates yet). Palingates' blogger tells MediaDecoder that the excerpts do fall under "fair use."

Gawker and Harper Collins are due in court on November 30 for a hearing. Well, hey, Gawker hasn't taken down its "The Secret Sex Life of John Travolta" so titillate yourself with that in the meantime.