The fallout from this weekend's Gawker hack keeps coming. But are things going to get more "Gawkward" (oh, New York Post)? If the hackers have as much data as some suspect, they might soon!

While honcho Nick Denton met with the FBI on Tuesday to discuss the attack—which has put info about the site's 1.3 million registered users out in the open—the Observer today worries about the prospect that Sunday's data dump will soon enough become a "WikiLeaks-style flood." It is becoming increasingly clear that the hackers in question had access to Denton's e-mail for more than a month, so the prospect that they have entire e-mail boxes of many Gawker employees mail doesn't seem so far fetched. "These are emails that contain stories in progress, the identities of anonymous sources and God knows what else."

Meanwhile non-Gawker companies are reaching out to those who may have been affected by the hack. This morning Amazon sent a number of its users the following e-mail:

At Amazon we take your security and privacy very seriously. As part of our routine monitoring, we discovered a list of email address and password sets posted online. While the list was not Amazon-related, we know that many customers reuse their passwords on several websites. We believe your email address and password set was on that list. So we have taken the precaution of resetting your password. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused but felt that it was necessary to help protect you and your Amazon account.

Wasn't that nice of them? And wasn't it nice of LinkedIn to do the same?