If you've ever shrugged off the idea of gators in our sewers before, you might be interested in hearing about this alligator that was just pulled from the sewer system in Queens. Yes, the legend is real.

According to the NY Post, an 18-inch gator crawled out of an overflowing storm drain in Astoria yesterday afternoon and quickly sought refuge underneath a car. This all happened on Newtown Avenue and 29th Street, where locals were heard screaming, "Crocodile!" (The Daily News points out that the difference between a croc and a gator is all in the snout.)

While the NYPD were quick to take cell phone pics of the creature, they weren't ready to declare it actually came from the sewer; a spokesman told the paper, "It could have been dumped from a car or it could have come out of a sewer." The gator was taken by Animal Care & Control, and will now be taken to a licensed rehabilitator or reptile sanctuary... but maybe he should be taken in for questioning first so we can find out about the colony of sewer gators he undoubtedly left behind.