What poor, misguided marketing executive at Gateway agreed to this crazy campaign by LB (a division of Leo Burnett) for its business-to-business efforts? It's called "Humanology" but it's stupidology in Gothamist's notebook (and we're Gateway users!). The campaign includes visuals of ears coming out of servers, hands coming out of's great as some parody of slicked-up surrealism, but it's so painful as advertising.

Adweek on the campaign and includes this bit of voiceover from a TV spot: "If all you needed was technology, you wouldn't need us, the humans behind the technology." And the website's pop-up window about Humanolgy says, "A fundametnal belief. The hybrid of tehcnological savvy and human understanding. The heart of Humanology." Know what Humanology is? Not making up stupid names like Humanology and just giving good products at good prices with good service. Full stop.