2003_9_gatesdonate.jpgEveryone is excited, rightly so, about the donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to NYC public schools: $51.2 million to open 67 small high schools. Large failing high schools would be turned into smaller theme-based schools so students will get more personalized attention, an effort to curb the dropout rate as well as failures to meet the state's student standards. It seems some were more amused by other factors:
- The sight of Bill Gates alongside current Schools Chancellor Joel Klein, who spent a lot of time as a DOJ official trying to nail Gates' Microsoft ass.
- Billionaire Boys' Club: Gates and Mayor Bloomberg, together
- Presence of Caroline Kennedy, the Department of Education's Strategic Partnerships Chief Executive
- Gates' remark: "There's one fact about my past that I am glad Mr. Klein didn't mention. Of course, what I mean is that despite my commitment to education, I am actually, personally, a college dropout."

The Mayor's press release and the Department of Education.