ir_830.jpgHumid enough for you? We can't get enough of dewpoints in the mid- to upper-70s. After a miserably muggy weekend Gothamist has mold growing in… well just you never mind where we have mold growing! More mugginess is in store for today, but at least it will be slightly cooler than yesterday.

Monsieur Gaston is dancing his way northward. The National Weather Service expects that Gaston's remains will be dumping on us tonight. Meanwhile in the Atlantic, Hermine is forecast to pass to our east. She is likely to be more of a problem for our readers in the Hamptons and Massachussetts, but we'll keep an eye whether she and Gaston decided to dance. Once all this moisture passes through tonight we should have fair skies and pleasant weather for a few days.

Further south in the Atlantic, Frances is churning away over open waters. She is headed toward the Bahamas and may make her way up the East Coast by the weekend.

This is turning out to be a very active tropical cyclone year in the Atlantic. Hermine is the eighth named storm. Only 1995, with nine named storms and 1933, with eight storms that were big enough to have names but weren't because storms weren't named until much later, have had as many named storms this early in a hurricane season.