A Chelsea co-op's attempt to evict a family over its "gassy" Neapolitan Mastiff has been thrown out by a judge. In January, the Post detailed the plight of the Lyons family, who were shunned and hated by their neighbors—including CNN anchor Soledad O'Brien— because their mastiff Ugo is smelly. Though the West 26th building allows pets, the co-op board (with board secretary O'Brien) became fed up and moved to evict the Lyonses, who tried to address the issue by grooming him three times a month and spraying him with deodorizer. Now the Post reveals that Ugo can stay because the Lyonses "were not properly served in the suit." The Lyonses' lawyer said, "The board is trying to evict a family, and it can't even serve the initial papers correctly. Maybe the board should be put on a leash." Since news of Ugo's plight attracted many supporters, O'Brien has suffered a bit of opposition; she resigned from the co-op board in February, explaining, "After discussions with neighbors and others, [my husband] and I have become increasingly concerned about my personal safety." The Post also has a chart comparing O'Brien's and Ugo's characteristics.