Starting on Saturday, the Department of Homeland Security will be doing a second wave of research looking at the how gas travels through the subways as well as aboveground. The Urban Dispersion Program will be doing six experiments in August, and half of which will take place at the 1 Station at 50th Street and 7th Avenue. The idea of releasing gas at the 50th Street and 7th Avenue boggles our mind because the 50th Street station is what we like to call Fart Alley. For some reason, whether we're on the 1, 2 or 3, it smells beyond rank suspiciously near 50th Street. We can't imagine any gas, even government issued colorless, odorless, and harmless "tracer" gases, would be able to escape the bowels of our subway system. The other tests are taking place at office buildings around midtown; if you got a company wide email about the tests, tell us where your office is located.

The study will be finalized in 2007; one more study will take place in 2006.