A Crown Heights gas station manager fended off a crook on Tuesday and locked him inside his Utica Avenue convenience store until police showed up. At around 2 pm, Nick Ali was inside his Gulf station's glass-enclosed cashier's booth when he spotted a customer tossing cell phone chargers into a Burberry bag, according to the Daily News. "I came out of the booth. Usually that's a bad idea," said Ali, who purportedly told the perp: "I'm busting my a-- here 18 hours a day so you can rob me?"

According to Ali, the suspect — identified as 48-year-old Martin Syldorthy — started to reach into his pocket, so the manager pounced on him. The two struggled inside the store and Syldorthy attempted to force his way into the cashier's booth, but Ali was able to shove him back, enter the booth, shut the door, and press a panic button that locked all of the store's entrance's. The suspect attempted to free himself by kicking through the front door, which cracked, but remained intact until police arrived. Syldorthy was charged with robbery and criminal mischief.