2006_04_gasprice.jpgIt's weeks before the start of summer, but start the alarmist drum roll now: The NY Daily News has found a station under the Brooklyn Bridge selling gas for $4.50 a gallon. Granted, that's for premium gas, but regular was a whopping $4.14 - which is practically like rental car agency pricing. The station's co-manager explained that its tanks are small, and therefore required more gas deliveries, which is really ironic to us. The average price for a gallon of gas in the city is $2.97, and Senator Charles Schumer said prices could go up to $4, as fuel costs continue to rise. This isn't a huge issue for Gothamist's day to day travels, as we hit the subway, but it is for taxi drivers (will the TLC need to raise prices again?) and our dreams of travel (both by rental car and plane).

You can see some gas station prices in NY at gas pricewatch. do you have any suggestions for pricewatching?