When did the oeuvre of James Cameron become required viewing material for people? Last year, when a Stuyvesant Town apartment exploded, damaging three floors, people wondered if it was a bomb. Actually, it was the work of lawyer Larry Feingold who tried to commit suicide beause his lover left him and gassed up his stove and closing all the windows. The thing is, or so he claims, he didn't realize gas causes explosions. The Post has excerpts of the nonjury trial:

"You didn't know that gas explodes?" asked prosecutor Diana Florence.
"No, I didn't," Feingold answered. "I thought that gasoline did, but I didn't know about gas."
"It never occurred to you that gas explodes?" Florence asked, disbelief rising in her voice.
"No," Feingold said, shrugging.
"You've never seen a Terminator movie where gas explodes?" the prosecutor asked.
"That's only gasoline," Feingold countered. "Not kitchen gas."

Feingold claims he was just trying to harm himself, not anyone else. He could face up to seven years for charges of "depraved indifference to human life." Gothamist isn't sure what the judge should sentence, but if "depraved stupidity" were a count, we'd weigh in.