Gary Anthony Ramsay, the former NY1 reporter who was fired after calling into the station's live call-in show under a different name (to complain about former police commissioner Bernard Kerik), is weary. At least that's what he told blog Deep In the Heart of Brooklyn, in a long, breathtakingly soul-searching email.

DITHOB's blogger, Brooklyn Beat, had previously wondered "Dude, Where's My Anchor" and someone purporting to be Gary Anthony Ramsay wrote back and gave the inside scoop. Brooklyn Beat published an email from the anchor (BB thinks!) and we learn the following things:

  • Ramsay thinks NY Daily News reporter Richard Huff, who broke the story of Ramsay's dismissal, is a hack and that Huff has a vendetta against NY1. And "Mr. Richard Huff took all of his info from a mean spirited mediocre producer who I dislikes me because he is mediocre and I have told him so."
  • Ramsay says it was not a crank call to the NY1 but rather a call to point out the insanity of Kerik trying to plead not guilty when he "pled guilty to many of that same charges in State court so he has admitted some wrongdoing already." But calling in under a fake name was "a mistake."
  • Adele Sammarco, the former NY1 reporter who accused him of sexual harassment, "coveted" his job and "publically [sic], the only reason I had it was because of race." He also points out that Sammarco's case is floundering, she's working with her third attorney and that she was "drunk out of her mind" on the night in question and "If I had know she was looking for an opening in this long planned lawsuit against NY1 --- I would have left her there and read about what happened in the papers the next day."

  • He runs down NY1 office gossip in a lament about its potential: "The guy who runs the station surrounds himself with substandard people so he can look like a brilliant guy. 2 reporters are golf buddies, another is a golf buddies wife. Two managers are in there positions because of 'special relationships'. One barely comes to work and the other is perhaps the dumbest person in NY TV news."
  • He's annoyed that "15 years of doing a damn good job in this profession was swallowed in one bad news article" ["You would have thought however, I hit someone while driving drunk or plagerized, Two things I have never done. (There is a network anchor in town who fabricated a story about being kidnapped in Haiti -- He just signed a contract for 8 Million a year)"]
  • Ramsay is bitter/bittersweet: "As you can tell there are frustration I too have with journalism. Its like loving a woman that doesn't love you back. But as many of my colleagues, relatives and friends would tell you, I gave it the very best I had and put my life on the line for it many times. That includes giving the best to you and your better half:who may have only seen it as wallpaper till you got to the weather."
Wow. It almost doesn't matter if Ramsay didn't really write that letter, because it's amazing.

Gotham City Insider suspects that with a "wealth of free time, Ramsay must've Googled his name," leading to the confessional by blog and calls him, "Cable News' Very Own Serpico."