The DEA announced that New Jersey has the purest heroin in the country. Because NJ tends to be the first stop in the US for drug traffickers, the heroin is usually not cut, therefore making NJ's heroin purity over 71%, which is twice the national average; heroin in NY is 61.5% pure. This means that there are more overdoses and drug choices. Gothamist does not support the use of heroin, especially in San Francisco whose heroin purity level is 12%. One DEA agent told the Star-Ledger, "You can't buy any better heroin in the world than you can buy in New Jersey." Somehow, we doubt that Acting Governor Richard Codey will be using that in any NJ tourism campaigns; however, maybe there should be a The Wire-like show about the NJ trade.

The NIH's information page on heroin. And New Jersey does have some great produce - take a look at its pick-you-own farms.