Gansevoort and Little West 12th; Photo - Jake Dobkin

The Times looked at the changing face of Gansevoort Market, an area in the Meatpacking Distract that just won historic district status. The area is "bordered by 14th and 15th Streets on the north, Horatio Street on the south, West Street on the west and Hudson Street on the east." Both the restaurant owners and meatpacking unions are aligned in trying to manage development of the area so it does not lose its charm, or, rather, its grittiness. Reporter Michael Brick also dryly notes a "billboard featuring a woman standing next to a printed name, offering a pouting glare to the diners across the street as if to say 'Look but don't touch' or perhaps 'I have recently watched the film Amélie.'" Gothamist did chuckle over that.