Yesterday morning, two men were stabbed in the lobby of an apartment building on East 26th Street near Second Avenue in Manhattan. According to the Daily News, it's believed the suspects were "Gang members looking to avenge the shooting of a drug dealer... Investigators believe five men were waiting in parked cars outside the... building and jumped their victims when they stepped into the lobby just before 9:30 a.m." An 18-year-old died while a 30-year-old survived his stab wounds—both were stabbed repeatedly in the face and chest. The incident that spurred that stabbing is apparently a 4 a.m. shooting that occurred outside Pacha on West 46th Street; suspected drug dealer Michael Slater is in stable condition at Bellevue, which is just a few blocks away from the apartment building. A 21-year-old newcomer to the neighborhood told the News, "I moved here from Missouri yesterday. I didn't expect to step outside on my first morning here and see someone almost dead."