Gang members—they're just like us! Along with newlyweds and college grads, members of some of the city's most violent street gangs apparently flock to the TKTS staircase in Times Square to pose for smiling group shots, the Daily News reports.

“They take team photos there like they are the Yankees or the Mets,” Assistant Commissioner Kevin O’Connor of the NYPD’s Juvenile Justice Division told the tabloid.

Though no one sounded particularly perturbed by the presence of gang members on the steps ("What are you going to do, let them scare you away?" one man asked), we would personally prefer that rather than just mugging for the camera, they take a cue from other groups and stage a performance—perhaps an impassioned excerpt from Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?

Picture day on the steps isn't the only curious tradition honored by street gangs. Easter Sunday is also known as Gang Initiation Day, wherein gang members and gang member-hopefuls flock to Midtown for the NY Auto Show.