Last night, Jets fans gathered in chilly Times Square to cheer the team in its journey to the Super Bowl. The New York/New Jersey team will be in Pittsburgh this Sunday, facing off against the Steelers after a decisive (and still exhilarating!) win over the New England Patriots. Jets owner Woody Johnson told the crowd that his team was "on fire."

Mayor Bloomberg and Senator Schumer also addressed the crowd—Bloomberg said, "Our defense has been unbelievable! And how about our guy Mark Sanchez? He's a real big-game quarterback, and he's not done yet!" while Schumer bragged, "This Sunday all New Yorkers — Jets fans, Giants fans, even Dallas Cowboy fans — are for the Jets. Everybody is for the Jets! Ben Roethlisberger is going to have an easier time finding a receiver in crowded Times Square on New Year’s Eve than he is on Sunday when he gets marooned on Revis island." Still, the crowd was most excited when Fireman Ed got things going:

One attendee told the NY Times, "Manhattan isn’t exactly the heart of Jets country — it’s probably out in Long Island or Queens or New Jersey somewhere — but at least this is a central location." Here are some more videos of the excited fans: