Yesterday's resounding win over the Tennessee Titans has really pumped up the Jets. The AP took this photograph of quarterback Brett Favre slapping Shaun Ellis on the butt and the NY Times reported Favre "wound up the most canonized right arm in football and unleashed a stinging slap to [Ty] Law’s backside."

The Post's Steve Serby says that the Jets have caught "Favre Fever"--the 38-year-old quarterback has been chest-bumping and high-fiving teammates. Just last week cameras caught Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum so caught up in the fire lit by Favre that he was letting the F-bombs fly. But the Daily News' Bill Price thinks Jets fans shouldn't fool themselves with Super Bowl Dreams:

As great as Brett Favre has been, he’s thrown up plenty of postseason stinkers (just ask the Giants or Rams).

So here’s a little message to Jet fans: Enjoy Thanksgiving. Enjoy your family and friends and turkey and wine and whatever else you have. But don’t get ahead of yourselves. There are still five games left and the playoffs. And no matter who’s playing QB, they are still the Jets.

So, speculating about a Subway Series-style (um, okay, NJ Transit-style) Super Bowl is out of the question?