2006_01_walcott.jpgDeputy Mayor Dennis Walcott's son was shot by a group of men that were chasing him around Queens yesterday. The Post reports that Timothy Walcott was shot in the right thigh and was released after being treated; apparently there were multiple shots fired against the 21 year-old as he ran around Cambria Heights, trying to avoid the group. Deputy Mayor Walcott, who is the Deputy Mayor of Policy, said, "God was looking after [Timothy]" and could not give any more details. His son had been arrested a few years ago for buying some pot, but when guns are involved, it usually means something more serious. The younger Walcott could have walked into the middle of something - or may have been something more sketchy. The last time Gothamist really remembers a deputy mayor was in the news for something other than his or her work was when Deputy Mayor Carol Robles-Roman was caught using her cars lights and sirens to get to work faster back in 2004 - which led to Mayor Bloomberg removing lights and sirens from non-essential cars.