It feels like the whole city is in preparation for tonight's Game 6 World Series showdown, the game which could clinch the title for the Yankees, including our beloved local rags, and you know that old saying: give a rag a fish, and you'll feed them for a day, but teach a rag to fish, and you'll get endlessly rehashed stories forever!

As reported yesterday, the Post broke the news that Gov. Paterson had been given tickets to Game 1 of the Series for free, and was in a tiff with the Yankees president over who-offered-what. Today, the Post reports that Gov. Patterson welcomes "a state investigation into the ethics of his accepting as many as five free Yankee tickets worth nearly $2,000 for the opening game." A Paterson spokeswoman reassured the public that, "checks to cover four of the five $425 seats, which were behind home plate, have been mailed."

If you're looking to find seats for tonight and aren't the Governor of NY, prepare to shell out an extremely healthy amount—tickets are selling in the 4 to 5-digits range on Stubhub, and go as high as $24,900, which will give you two seats four rows behind the Yankees dugout. There are still tickets available in the $600-$1000 range, if you don't mind sitting near the foul poles or in the upper deck.

Meanwhile, FoxNY dives into an investigation of the ghosts of Yankees Stadium old. They seem particularly concerned about Babe Ruth's spirit, but with no one returning calls for interviews, they bargain that "the new stadium has tried to appease the ghosts." One man who will probably not outrun his ghosts? Pedro Martinez, who famously referred to the Yankees as his "daddy" several years ago, starts tonight for the Phillies. A good rag never forgets a headline worth remembering—especially when it can include a Pedro-as-baby centerfold (after the jump!):