If there's one thing we learned from The Hangover (other than 'don't even bother renting Hangover 3') it's that you never walk away from the table when you're on a heater. And a casino is no place for children, so why not leave turn them loose in the gift shop while you hit the craps table? One can only assume that was the, uh, reasoning behind 41-year-old Carol Grandison's alleged decision to leave her nine-year-old daughter alone in a gift shop while she gambled at the Queens "Racino." Children are notorious coolers, in so many ways, but you definitely don't want them around distracting you with "parenting" when you're on a hot streak.

Police say Grandison went to the casino with her daughter at 9 a.m. on Sunday morning, because what better place and time to teach a child how to process vast injections of despair? At some point an employee in the gift shop realized the child was wandering around unattended and notified security; police sources tell ABC the child had been left alone for an hour. Granderson, who reportedly lives in Jamaica, Queens, was arrested on the casino floor and charged with child endangerment. Her daughter is now staying with family members.

Last week, New Yorkers voted to approve a ballot proposition allowing seven new casinos to open upstate, so we can look forward to more precious childhood gambling memories being made in the years to come.