Of course it is — in private residences. So sure enough some condo developers are betting they can move some units by putting a "poker lounge" in the basement of their building at 254 Park Avenue South. "254PAS", which is so cool and just rolls off the tongue, has their own website, a great study in campy advertising, though of course we apologize to those people (unavoidable in this city, I'm afraid) who will find it really cool.

One of these really awesome condo buyers (units in the building can cost as much as $3.28 million) spoke to the Post about the gimmick amenity: "'The poker room and the high ceilings — that did it for me. I knew it was the right fit,' said David Stern, 30."

David Rosen, one of the developers, noted, "This is not a gimmick amenity." Just what real estate developers are known for: scrupulous integrity and plain, honest dealing. How do these people live with themselves? Just last year the Real Deal, a real estate site, lauded "254PAS" to the skies, saying the units were going "like hotcakes." Now they've got to move a six-seat poker table to the basement (pictured) to drum up a little interest.