Mayor Bloomberg is opposed to Governor Pataki's plan to use gambling proceeds to fund the NY schools. It seems that Pataki's advisers have figured out that $1.5 billion can be earned from video slot machines, while Bloomberg argues that it won't be a stable source of income. Well, just teach the kids that they should gamble - that'll produce a new generation of gamblers. Also, let people booze and smoke more and then they'll drift to the slots.

Even though the Mayor had some other objections to the Governor's budget (eliminating sales tax for clothing under $110 year round...), the Times says they are far more modest than in the past. Plus the Governor okayed the $400 tax rebate Mayor B wants to give city homeowners. But it seems legislators needs to spice up their speaking skills: The Post has a photograph of City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, who is eyeing a run for Mayor in 2005, yawning.