Hey, are you looking for some weed? Did your firefighter dealer fall through? Did your backup place on Rivington mysteriously shut down? Well we have just the delivery guy for you: lawyer Seth Ginsberg.

The defense attorney, who once defended John Gotti Jr, was caught with a bag of weed while trying to enter the Metropolitan Correctional Center; he was visiting reputed Gambino soldier and alleged pimp Thomas Orefice. Ginsberg hilariously blurted out, "How did that get there," denied it was his, and like any good mule, swore to federal officers it was his brother's. Ginsberg's younger brother submitted a sworn affidavit acknowledging the marijuana bag was his, which was submitted to investigators. Nevertheless, Ginsberg has been banned from the federal lockup, which just means he'll have more time to meet you at the northwest corner of Washington Square Park, if you give him a couple hours notice.