Aha! Yesterday, Gothamist found a graphic about monkey pox that only had prairie dogs. Now we've found one with Gambian Giant Rats called out as the ones to have originally infected the prairie dogs and other pets. This as the number of monkeypox infected is now at 48. Authorities are trying to place Gambian giant rats in the same vicinity as prairie dogs.

The Milwauke Journal-Sentinel says that health officials are asking families not to release prairie dogs into the wild. The Journal-Sentinel also has an interview with the quarantined Wisconsin family; the image of monkeypox infected 3 year old Schyan Kautzer by Mary Jo Walicki is brilliant, as is the one of a happier Schyan with her parents, pet pug, and remaing pet prairie dog. The Kautzers "stocked up on the essentials, and a case of Miller Genuine Draft, before medical officials asked them to stay at home."

There might be a monkeypox case in New Jersey - a kid moved there from Indiana.