Filmmaker Vincent Gallo isn't finding one man's obsessive prank very funny. Page Six reports that when he changed his New York number to a California one, the man who received his old digits began impersonating him. He says, "When the guy would get calls that were for me, instead of telling them they had the wrong number, he'd play along and pretend to be me." To be fair, who wouldn't do that?

However, now things have gotten a little bit out of control, and Gallo says the insanity has moved online, with his impersonator even creating a Gmail account; "He screwed up a number of business deals for me and also misled girls in certain ways. He was trying to create intimacy and would say strange things." This coming from a man who sells his sperm online.

Last week an editor at Vice got the faux-Gallo when she called to invite him to that screening of Where the Wild Things Are at the Tribeca Grand; allegedly the impostor requested her photo be emailed first, which rightfully creeped her out—and we'd imagine it takes a lot to creep out a Vice staffer.