Lady Gaga has taken her publicity tour to New York's ballparks over the past couple of weeks, first hitting up Citi Field—where she became belligerent towards photographers before seeking refuge in Jerry Seinfeld's suite (the Mets later apologized to Seinfeld for allowing that). More recently she was spotted in fishnets, a thong and a jersey at a Yankees game—where she sweet-talked her way into their clubhouse and was reportedly slurring.

At first, rumor was she got banned from the clubhouse for eternity, but now Yankees GM Brian Cashman has told the Daily News, "she's not banned," even though her visit meant reporters couldn't get in. Perhaps a smart move after a 4-0 loss to the Mets! He did say, however, that "there is a time for things like that and that wasn't it. After a loss is the wrong time. She did nothing wrong... The problem is internal and it's been handled."

Meanwhile, over at Citi Field they're embracing the Lady's visit and turning it into a PR opportunity for third baseman David Wright's campaign to get elected to the All-Star Game. The Mets will host a "Go Gaga for Wright" night on Wednesday, giving the first 20,000 fans blue foam fingers that say "Make Wright #1." Sadly, they will not have the middle finger extended as Gaga did upon her visit. At least she's doing her part in keeping baseball alive amongst a city obsessed with the World Cup.

Despite her antics at the Yankees game, she somehow she managed to get up on stage Friday night. We were sent the above photos of her performing a surprise duet at Duane Park with her friend Brian Newman. She ditched the Yankees jersey for an Alexander McQueen ensemble, and the restaurant tells us "she relaxed enjoyed a light supper and allowed patrons to be photographed with her."