The tabloid circus surrounding Moammer Gadhafi's first visit to American soil goes on and on and on. Now the Huffington Post claims that Gadhafi is planning to pitch his tent at the Westchester estate of Donald Trump. We have to admit we find this a bit astonishing, but times are tough for real estate moguls. A Trump spokesperson called this "absolutely false," but then qualifed, "He is not there to my knowledge." The Huffpost claimed that the deal might get scrapped if there was "bad publicity." Uh-oh.

Trump's estate in Bedford is called Seven Springs and was owned by the Rockefellers. The Times tells us Trump has been wanting to subdivide its 213 acres into 15 behemoth McMansions so tasteless they will be deserving of the Trump name.

The Post doesn't mention Trump, but they agree that the tent-loving tyrant is planning on staying in Westchester, and that he's still insisting on camping. And of course they couldn't resist noting that Gadhafi could be pitching his house of hair "just down the road from Martha Stewart's home."